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16 March 2019

Seminar: Prof. Nicola Pearsall, Northumbria University, UK, “The status of photovoltaics – reviewing the technology and markets”

26/3/2019, Seminar room, Tandem Building, INPP [pdf]
28 February 2019

Seminar: Prof. Richard Woodard, University of Florida, Gainsville, “The case of nonlocal modifications of gravity”

5/3/2019, Seminar room, Tandem Building, INPP [pdf]    
27 November 2018

Institutional Review 2015-2017

The Activities Report 2015-2017 of Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics is available now online.              
10 November 2018

Time for lead collisions at LHC

The lead ion run is under way. On 8 November at 21:19, the four experiments at the Large Hadron Collider – ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb […]
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