Science inspires Architecture

Seminar: Dr. Dimitrios Giataganas, “Stochastic Neural Networks as Thermodynamic Physical Systems”
18 November 2020
“Draw me a neutrino” results announced!
14 December 2020

Inspired by the neutrino telescope KM3NeT and the geomorphology of South West Peloponnese two young enthusiastic architects, Labrini Lyrou and Panagiotis Chondros designed a research center dedicated to the detection of neutrinos in Greece.

Their design places the building complex west of Methoni, in a barren coastal zone, detached from the city, characterized by steep cliffs, strong waves and winds – a condition that is consistent with the bold nature of the project.  The intervention site is a natural creek, suitable for mooring ships, located just 400 meters from the “Iliodisi” – the western edge of the city and the endpoint of the visitor route leading from the city to the Castle.

Details of the project can be found in Diploma thesis by Labrini Lyrou & Panagiotis Chondros