As INPP researchers, we make a special effort to promote the interaction of citizens with fundamental research. Through dedicated actions, we try to generate public engagement in science and to produce and distribute informational content for are own research activities, having as key audiences students of all grades.

Cadet Researchers

In 2016 a new annual educational activity “Cadet Researchers” was initiated. It targets talented lyceum students who are invited to spend 1 full week in INPP, performing experiments in the laboratories of INPP under the supervision of INPP researchers. Each year, 6-8 students are selected, through a physics competition in April. In 2016, the first year of this activity, 5 schools participated with about 60 students. In the second year, 2017, after obtaining the support of the Ministry of Education, 19 schools participated with more than 110 students.

Physics Masterclass

Every year the Physics Masterclass in collaboration with CERN is organized, in which high school students attend a one-day introduction to particle physics, followed by an interactive online session with other participating schools from all over Europe.

Summer School

INPP scientists have been members of the organizing committees and have participated as lecturers in summer schools for University and graduate students and young scientists.

Researchers Night

INPP researchers have been heavily involved in the “Greek Researchers night” activities, traditionally held at the end of September each year.

Open Days

INPP researchers are involved in developing and delivering popularized science lectures to public or school audiences. Also presentations and lectures and guiding tours are being given to schools visiting Demokritos and its facilities (among them INPP and the Tandem accelerator) with a few hundred visitors each year.