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8 July 2019

Seminar: Dr. George Daskalakis, INPP, NCSR Demokritos, “Standard model measurements and exotic searches at CMS/LHC experiments”

18/7/2019, Seminar room, Tandem Building, INPP [pdf]
6 July 2019

Demokritos 54th Summer School

Demokritos 54th Summer School second week starts on Monday 8 July. For more information visit:  
6 July 2019

Demokritos – XPRIZE Ocean Discovery

In December 2018, the international contest Shell Ocean Discovery, organized by XPRIZE, was completed in the marine area south of Kalamata. The final phase of the […]
6 July 2019

2nd CALIBRA Meeting

Between 8 and 9 of July 2019 the 2nd CALIBRA Meeting will be held at the Electra Hotel in Athens, Greece.