News and Events

27 June 2022

Tuesday 28th June, 17:00 (4pm CET), Seminar: Dr. Max Zoller, “Two-loop tensor integral coefficients in OpenLoops”

Speaker: Dr. Max Zoller Affiliation: PSI, Switzerland Title: Two-loop tensor integral coefficients in OpenLoops Abstract: The development of a fully automated tool for the numerical calculation […]
17 June 2022

Welcome ARCA19! KM3NeT/ARCA is now operating with 19 Detection Units!

The ARCA telescope is currently being constructed at a distance of about 80 km offshore Portopalo di Capo Passero, Sicily, and aims at the detection of […]
17 June 2022

Python and ML bootcamp at INPP

The Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics organises the first bootcamp on Python and Machine Learning. The bootcamp will take place on July 4th-6th in the institute and aims at training undergraduate and postgraduate […]
9 June 2022

Tuesday 14th June 2022, 16:00, Colloquium: Dimitrios Petrelis, “Modeling the K+Σ- photoproduction in an isobar approach, using statistical learning techniques”

On Tuesday 14th June 2022, 16:00, Dimitrios Petrelis, (Czech Academy of Sciences) will give a colloquium on “Modeling the K+Σ- photoproduction in an isobar approach,using statistical […]