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1 July 2022

Tuesday 5th July 2022, 16:00, Colloquium: Andrea Lausi, “SESAME, a regional research opportunity”

On Tuesday 5th July 2022, 16:00, Andrea Lausi, (SESAME, Allan, Jordan) will give a colloquium on “SESAME, a regional research opportunity”. Details on remote connection can […]
29 June 2022

The “ATLAS Outstanding Achievements Award for 2022” was awarded to Olga Zormpa, PhD candidate at INPP/Demokritos

he international collaboration ATLAS at CERN, in a specially organized ceremony during the ATLAS week on 23rd of June 2022, awarded the ATLAS Outstanding Achievements Award […]
27 June 2022

Tuesday 28th June, 17:00 (4pm CET), Seminar: Dr. Max Zoller, “Two-loop tensor integral coefficients in OpenLoops”

Speaker: Dr. Max Zoller Affiliation: PSI, Switzerland Title: Two-loop tensor integral coefficients in OpenLoops Abstract: The development of a fully automated tool for the numerical calculation […]
17 June 2022

Welcome ARCA19! KM3NeT/ARCA is now operating with 19 Detection Units!

The ARCA telescope is currently being constructed at a distance of about 80 km offshore Portopalo di Capo Passero, Sicily, and aims at the detection of […]
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