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List of Invited Speakers

1A. Algora (IFIC Valencia)
TAS measurements for nuclear structure and reactor physics
2J. Aÿstö (JYFL)
Penning Trap Mass Spectrometry of Exotic Nuclei
3F. de Oliveira Santos (GANIL)
Nuclear astrophysics with light nuclei at GANIL
4A. Di Pietro (LNS INFN)
Elastic Scattering of Beryllium isotopes at the Coulomb barrier
5A. Diaz-Torres (U. Surrey)
Coupled-channel density-matrix approach to reaction dynamics
6P. Fallon (LBL)
Lifetime Measurement of the 2+ State in 16C and 20C: Electromagnetic Transition Rates
7K. Flanagan (U. Manchester)
Laser Spectroscopy: Present and Future at ISOLDE
8A. Gadea (IFIC Valencia)
Highly Retarded GT decay to the quasi-deuteron 1+ state in odd-odd 62Ga: absence of proton-neutron T=0 condensate in the N=Z, A=62 Nucleus
9G. Hagen (ORNL, USA)
Coupled Cluster Approach to Medium Mass and Neutron Rich Nuclei
10R. Herzberg (U. Liverpool)
In-beam and Decay Spectroscopy of Superheavy Nuclei
11S. Hilaire (CEA)
Nuclear ingredients for cross section calculation of exotic nuclei
12N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki (KVI Groningen)
The EXL experiment @ FAIR and plans with the ESR @ GSI
13J. Kurcewicz (GSI)
New isotope production around the 3rd r-process peak
14K.-H. Langanke (GSI)
The FAIR Chance for Nuclear Astrophysics
15A. C. Larsen (U. Oslo)
Gamma-ray strength at low energies-review of experiments
16A. Parikh (TU Munich)
The 33S(p,γ)34Cl reaction in classical nova explosions, exp. Studies at the Munich Q3D and DRAGON, TRIUMF or nuclear inputs for stellar explosions
17S. Romano (LNS INFN)
The Trojan Horse Method and its Applications in Nuclear Astrophysics and in Nuclear Physics: Recent Results.
18H. Sakai (U.Tokyo & RIKEN)
First charge-exchange measurements with SHARAQ
19H. Sakurai (RIKEN)
New Generation of Physics with Exotic Nuclei at RIBF
20H. Simon (GSI)
Light exotic systems at relativistic Velocities
21F. Strieder (U. Bochum)
Key Reactions in Nuclear Astrophysics: 12C(α,γ)16O and 12C+12C Fusion

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