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Invited Contributions

1R. Dressler et al. (PSI, Switzerland)
Chemical investigation of element 114: indication for a massive relativistic effect in chemistry
2M. Fujiwara et al. (RCNP, Osaka Univ., Japan)
Measurements of ISGMR in Sn, Cd, and Pb isotopes and the asymmetry of nuclear matter incompressibility
3S. Goriely (IAA, ULB, Belgium)
The r-process nucleosynthesis during the decompression of cold neutronised matter
4M. N. Harakeh (KVI, Groningen, The Netherlands & GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)
Scope of Integrating Activity "European Nuclear Science and Applications Research" (ENSAR)
5T. Kajino (NAO, U. Tokyo, Japan)
Nuclear Weak Interactions and Supernova Neutrino- and R-Processes
6E. Lanza et al. (INFN-LNS & U. Catania, Italy)
On the Nature of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance
7P. Milazzo et al. (INFN-Trieste, Italy)
Nuclear Astrophysics at CERN n_TOF facility
8E. Moya De Guerra et al. (U. Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
Selected Topics on Nuclear Structure in Electroweak Processes
9T. Otsuka (U. Tokyo, Japan )
Shell Evolution in Exotic Nuclei
10P. Thirolf et al. (LMU München, Germany)
Fission-Fusion: a new Reaction Mechanism for Nuclear Astrophysics based on Laser-Ion Acceleration

Oral Contributions

1H. Akimune et al. (Konan Univ., Japan)
M1 and E1 Cross Sections near Threshold in Photodisintegration of Deuteron
2A. Andreyev et al. (U. West of Scotland, Paisley, UK )
Beta-delayed Fission of 180Tl
3L. Audirac et al. (CENBG, France)
Experimental Studies of an Exotic Decay Mode at the Proton Drip-line: the Two-proton Radioactivity
4E. Bĕták et al. (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)
Influence of Strange Matter Admixtures on Macroscopic Properties of Neutron Stars
5M. Cavallaro et al. (INFN-LNS, Italy)
Two-Neutron Excitations in Light Neutron Rich Nuclei Studied via the (18O,16O) Reaction at 84 MeV
6P. Chowdhury et al. (U.Mass. Lowell, USA )
Spectroscopy of Neutron-rich Plutonium Nuclei
7A. Corsi et al. (INFN-Milano, Italy)
Measurement of isospin mixing in 80Zr at finite temperature
8A. Cowley et al. (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
Incident-energy Dependent Quenching of the Analyzing Power in Pre-equilibrium Composite Particle Emission
9J. Cseh (MTA ATOMKI, Hungary)
Exotic shapes and exotic clusterization
10D. Cullen (U. Manchester, UK)
DPUNS - A Differential-Plunger for Lifetime measurements of Tagged Exotic- and Unbound nuclear states
11Y. El Masri et al. (INP, K.U. Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
Fission properties of actinide nuclei at energies 26.5 and 62.9 MeV
12J. Endres et al. (IKP, U. Köln, Germany)
Splitting of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance
13L. Ferreira et al. (CFIF Lisbon, Portugal)
Assigning γ deformation from fine structure in exotic nuclei
14N. Fotiades et al. (LANL, USA)
Study of near-stability nuclei populated as fission fragments in heavy-ion fusion reactions
15C. Fransen et al. (IKP, U. Köln, Germany)
Measurement of absolute E2 transition strengths in 176W: Signatures for a rapid shape change
16E. Ganioğlu et al. (Istanbul Univ., Turkey )
Gamow-Teller Transitions Starting from Tz = +3/2 Nucleus 47Ti
17P. Garrett (U. Guelph, Canada)
Mapping Quadrupole Collectivity in the Cd Isotopes: The Breakdown of Spherical Vibrational Motion
18P. Gomes et al. (U. Fed. Fluminense, Brazil)
Fusion Enhancement/Suppression and Irreversibility in Reactions Induced by Weakly Bound Nuclei
19C. Gustavino (INFN-LNGS, Italy)
The Impact of LUNA Results on Astroparticle Physics
20M. Itkis et al. (JINR Dubna, Russia)
The Entrance Channel Effects in Fusion-fission and Quasi-fission
21S. Karataglidis et al. (U. Johannesburg, South Africa)
Recent Advances in Multi-Channel Algebraic Scattering
22M. Krtička et al. (Charles Univ., Czech Republic)
Photon Strength Functions at the Low-Energy Tail of the GEDR Obtained from Different Reaction
23J. Kvasil et al. (Charles Univ, Czech Republic)
Electric, Magnetic and Vorticity Strengths in Heavier Nuclei
24M. La Cognata et al. (INFN-LNS & U. Catania, Italy)
High Accuracy 18O(p,a)15N Reaction Rate in the 8 106 - 5 109 K Temperature Range
25J. Lubian Rios et al. (U. Fed. Fluminense, Brazil)
Study of the Interplay Between the 8B Breakup and Other Reaction Mechanisms by Means of the CDCC Method
26I. Martel et al. (U. Huelva, Spain)
Sub-barrier fusion and breakup of light halo nuclei
27D. Mücher et al. (TU München, Germany)
Monopole-effects on symmetric and antisymmetric couplings of protons and neutrons
28I. Mukha et al. (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)
Studies of Nuclei Beyond the Proton Drip Line by Tracking Technique
29V. Nesterenko et al. (JINR Dubna, Russia)
Description of Magnetic Giant Resonances with Skyrme Forces
30M. Niikura et al. (IPN Orsay, France)
Lifetime Measurements of Low-lying States in Neutron-rich Zn Isotopes by the Plunger Technique
31C. Nociforo et al. (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)
1n-removal reactions around N=20 shell closure
32N. Paar et al. (U. Zagreb, Croatia)
Exotic Modes of Excitation and Weak Interaction Rates at Finite Temperature
33J. Pakarinen et al. (CERN-ISOLDE, Switzerland)
Gamma-ray Spectroscopy at the Extremes; In-beam Study of 180Pb
34S. Panebianco et al. (CEA Saclay, IRFU/SPhN, France)
Development of a Micromegas TPC for Low Energy Heavy Ions Measurement for Nuclear Fission and Astrophysics Applications
35J. Piot et al. (IPHC/DRS Strasbourg, France)
Investigation of 246Fm: In-beam Spectroscopy at the Limits
36C. Qi et al. (KTH, Alba Nova Univ., Sweden)
Abrupt Changes in Alpha Decay Systematics as a Manifestation of Collective Nuclear Modes
37E. Rapisarda et al. (INFN-LNS, Italy)
2He Decay from 18Ne Excited States: Status and Perspectives
38F. Recchia et al. (INFN-Padova, Italy)
A new island of inversion far from stability
39R. Rodríguez-Guzmán et al. (IEM-CSIC Madrid, Spain)
Charge radii and structural evolution in Sr, Zr and Mo isotopes
40W. Rother et al. (IKP, U. Köln, Germany)
Neutron-rich 62,64,66Fe show enhanced Collectivity: The Washout of N=40 in Terms of Experiment, Valence Proton Symmetry and Shell Model
41P. Sarriguren (IEM/CSIC Madrid, Spain)
Weak Decay Rates for Neutron Deficient Medium-Mass Isotopes Relevant for the rp-Processes
42D. Schumann (PSI, Switzerland)
Extraction of Radionuclides from Accelerator Waste at PSI
43M. Sharma et al. (Kuwait Univ., Kuwait)
Exotic structures near the drip lines
44J. Sharpey-Schafer (U. Western Cape, South Africa)
The Structure of Excited 0+ States in Nuclei and the Effect of the γ Degree of Freedom
45B. Sulignano et al. (CEA Saclay, IRFU/SPhN, France)
MUSETT and the Spectroscopy of Heavy Elements at GANIL
46T. Suzuki et al. (Nihon Univ., Tokyo, Japan)
Electron Capture Reactions and Beta Decays in Steller Environments
47O. Tengblad et al. (IEM-CSIC Madrid, Spain)
12C formation: A Classical Quest in New Light
48P. Ujic et al. (GANIL, France)
Alpha-particle capture reactions in inverse kinematics relevant to p-process nucleosynthesis
49H. Utsunomiya et al. (Konan Univ., Japan)
The γ-ray Strength Function Method

Poster Contributions

1N. Adimi et al. (CENBG, France)
The Spectroscopic study of 33Ar
2K. Balasi et al. (U. Ioannina, Greece)
Nuclear structure calculations of the even-even Mo isotopes in the context of QRPA method
3C. Borgmann et al. (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany)
Mass Measurements for Nuclear Structure Studies of Kr and Ag at ISOLTRAP
4F. Cappuzzello et al. (INFN & U. Catania, Italy)
The role of pairing in the via the 13C(18O,16O)15C reaction at 84 MeV
5T. Chuvilskaya et al. (INP, Moscow State Univ., Russia)
Yields of Radioactive Products of Transfer Reactions Induced by 6He Ions on 197Au Target.
6E. Crema et al. (U. São Paulo, Brazil)
Testing nuclear diffuseness with quasi-elastic barrier distribution
7M. Cubero et al. (IEM-CSIC Madrid, Spain)
Scattering Studies of the Halo Nucleus 11Li and its Core 9Li on 208 near the Coulomb Barrier, Scattering and Reaction Dynamics
8J. Daoutidis et al. (ULB, Belgium)
Improved Relativistic QRPA calculations of the γ-ray strength
9J. Darai et al. (U. Debrecen, Hungary)
Clusterization and phase-transitions in atomic nuclei
10M. De Napoli et al. (INFN-LNS, Italy)
17F Breakup Reactions: a Touchstone for Indirect Measurements
11M. De Rydt et al. (IKS, KU Leuven, Belgium)
The ground-state g factor of 44C: a probe for the reduced gaps at Z=16 and N=28
12M. Fisichella et al. (INFN-LNS & U. Messina, Italy)
Fusion cross section in 4,6He+64Zn collision around and below the Coulomb barrier
13S. Fujimoto et al. (Kumamoto National College of Technology, Japan)
Nucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven, aspherical supernova explosion of massive stars
14S. Goriely et al. (IAA-ULB, Belgium)
Latest development of the combinatorial model of nuclear level densities
15S. Goriely et al. (IAA-ULB, Belgium)
Gogny HFB prediction of nuclear structure properties
16A. Herzáň (U. Jyväskylä, Finland)
Spectroscopy of Neutron-Deficient Francium Isotopes
17O. Itoh et al. (Konan Univ., Japan)
Photoneutron Cross Sections for Au
18Y. Iwata et al. (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)
Momentum-dependent Nuclear Potential and its Applications
19J. Johansen (Aarhus Univ., Denmark)
Transfer Reactions Using a Low-energy 11Be Beam
20P. Jones et al. (U. Jyväskylä, Finland)
Advances in In-beam Spectroscopy with the JUROGAM II Spectrometer
21D. Kanjilal et al. (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India)
Investighation of high spin states and isomeric decays in doubly odd 208,210Fr
22V. Karnaukhov et al. (JINR Dubna, Russia)
Hot Nuclei and Phase Transitions
23J. Kroll et al. (Charles Univ, Czech Republic)
Evidence for the Scissors Mode in 160Tb from the Two-Step Gamma Cascade Measurement
24J.J. Lawrie et al. (iThemba LABS, South Africa)
Dipole Bands in 196Hg
25E. Lawrie et al. (iThemba LABS, South Africa)
B(M1) Staggering in Two-quasiparticle Chiral Bands
26J. Leckey et al. (College of William & Mary, USA)
Qweak – A Search for New Physics
27M. Lipoglavšek et al. (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Electron Screening in Metals
28J. Ljungvall et al. (CSNSM, CNRS/IN2P3, Orsay, France)
Onset of collectivity in Neutron-Rich iron isotopes: Toward a new island of inversion?
29H. Makii et al. (ASRC, JAEA, Japan)
Preparation for the Measurement of the 12C(α,γ)16O Reaction at TRIAC
30T. Maruyama et al. (Nihon Univ., Tokyo, Japan)
Asymmetric Neutrino Reaction from Magnetized Proto-Neutron Stars in fully Relativisitc Framework including Hyperons
31P. Masiteng et al. (iThemba LABS, South Africa)
Possible Chiral Bands in 194Tl
32S. Mohammadi (Payame Noor Univ., Iran)
Symmetric and Non-symmetric Muonic Atoms-Molecules Studies
33D. Montanari et al. (U. Milano & INFN-Milano, Italy)
Reaction Dynamics and Nuclear Structure Studies via Deep Inelastic Collisions with Heavy-ions: Search for Particle-vibration Couplings in 49Ca
34H. Moshfegh et al. (U. of Tehran, Iran)
Cold Hybrid Star Properties
35H. Nakada (Chiba Univ., Japan)
Nuclear Shell Structure in Semi-Realistic Mean-Field Approach
36M. Ono et al. (Kyushu Univ. Japan)
Heavy-element Nucleosynthesis in Magnetohydrodynamical Jets from Collapsars
37S. Palmerini et al. (U. Perugia & INFN-Perugia, Italy)
p-capture nucleosynthesis in Low Mass Stars: effects of new reaction rates
38P. Ruotsalainen et al. (U. Jyväskylä, Finland)
A Recoil-Beta Tagging Study of N=Z Nucleus 66As
39M. Saruwatari et al. (Kyusyu Univ., Japan)
R-process Nucleosynthesis during the MHD Explosions of a Massive Star
40A. Sauerwein et al. (IKP, U. Köln, Germany)
Experiments on proton- and alpha-induced reactions of particular relevance for the p process
41V. Scuderi et al. (INFN-LNS, Italy)
Elastic scattering and fusion of 6Li on 64Zn at near-barrier
42O. Shirinda et al. (iThemba LABS, South Africa)
Reaching degeneracy in two-quasiparticle chiral bands
43R. Silvestri et al. (U. Napoli & INFN-Napoli, Italy)
Dynamical Dipole Mode in Fusion heavy-Ion Reactions by Using Stable and Radioactive Beams
44G. Susoy et al. (Istanbul Univ., Turkey)
High Resolution Study of Gamow-Teller Transitions in 45Sc nucleus
45T. Suzuki et al. (Nihon Univ., Tokyo, Japan)
Structure of Neutron-rich Calcium Isotopes and Roles of Three-body Interaction
46T. Swan et al. (U. Surrey, UK)
High-K Structures in the 164Er Region
47Y. Tschuvil'sky et al. (Moscow State Univ., Russia)
Microscopic Description of the Alpha-Clustering Phenomenon in (2s-1d)-Shell Nuclei
48D. Torresi et al. (U. Catania & INFN-LNS, Italy)
Search for Li-α cluster state in 12B using Inverse Kinematics Thick Target Scattering
49H. Utsunomiya et al. (Konan Univ., Japan)
Application of the γSF Method to Palladium
50H. Utsunomiya et al. (Konan Univ., Japan)
Striking Behaviour of Photoneutron Cross Sections for 90Zr near Threshold
51A. Vancraeyenest et al. (IPN, U. Lyon, France)
γ Spectroscopy of Positive Parity Bands 156Gd
52P. Veselý et al." (U. Jyväskylä, Finland)
Finite-range Separable Pairing Interaction within New N3LO DFT Approach
53R. Vlastou et al. (NTUA, Athens, Greece)
The 237 Np(n,f) cross section at the CERN n-TOF facility
54A. Wendt et al. (IKP, U. Köln, Germany)
Commissioning of LYCCA - a HISPEC-device
55Y. Xu et al. (IAA, ULB, Belgium)
Update and Extension of the Nuclear Astrophysics Compilation of Reaction Rates (NACRE): Charged-Particle Thermonuclear Rates with A<16

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