Maria Kaparou

Research Associate

  1. Studies

Postgraduate studies

  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Department of History, Archeology and Cultural Management, University of Peloponnese- June 2017).
  • Master of Science on Archaeomaterials (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2007).

Undergraduate studies

  • Graduate of the Department of History, Archaeology and History of Art (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  • Six-month undergraduate study on History and Philosophy at the University of Bologna (Universita di Lettere e Filosofia).

  1. Activity and interests

She has been collaborating with the X-ray Laboratory of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, NCSR “Demokritos” since 2018, when she first became actively involved in the research activities of the group. Ever since she has participated in two proposals submitted to Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation within the framework of the 2nd and 3rd Call for Proposals for Post-Doctoral researchers, the second of which has been successfully evaluated and is currently under way. She has also successfully submitted two proposals to IPERION HS (European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science) as group leader, of which the first has been realized ( 2019) and the implementation of the second is in progress. As a research associate of the Institute she has participated in various projects related to vitreous, ceramic and gold artifacts and she has been actively involved in the dissemination of the results in various international conferences (10) mainly as a speaker and with poster presentations and in peer- review publications (6- submitted until November 2022).

She is a Grant recipient within the framework of ARISTEAS European program at the University of Peloponnese, Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Resources management with the project “Raw materials and Glass Artifacts from the city of Rhodes” (December 2021- November 2022). She is also a Guest Editor at Heritage (IMDP) Special Issue ‘Chemistry for Cultural Heritage and a member of the Editorial Board in “Archaeology- Archaeometry: 30 years later” published by Archaeopress Publications. Moreover, she is a Reviewer in International Journals (Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological  Sciences- Springer) (2019- to date) and Design/ Arts/ Culture of the University of West Attica (2021- to date). She has been in the Organizing Committee of five implemented symposia (ARCH_RNT, University of Peloponnese and 7th Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry) and two forthcoming (8th Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry and European X-ray Spectrometry 2024).

In the course of her PhD studies she lectured in the fields of ‘Historical and Archaeological Perspectives’, ‘New Technologies in archaeological research’,’ Principles of Petrography and the use of petrographic microscope in the study of archaeological materials’ at the Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management (University of Peloponnese).

In the core of her research lies the in- depth study and analysis of prehistoric and historical artifacts, both from an analytical and an archaeological perspective, aiming at addressing questions of provenance, technology, consumption, trade and societal issues.


  1. Indicative publications
  • Kaparou, M. Papageorgiou, A. Oikonomou. From Mycenaeans to Romans: Reflecting on early glass technology in Greece, in “Archaeology- Archaeometry: 30 years later”, Filippaki et al. (ed.) Archaeopress publications, in print.
  • Kaparou, M., Oikonomou, A. 2022. Mycenaean through Hellenistic glass in Greece: where have we got to? Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 14,
  • Zacharias, M. Kaparou, A. Oikonomou, Z. Kasztovszky. 2018. Mycenaean Glass from the Argolid, Peloponnese, Greece: A Technological and Provenance Study, Microchemistry Journal, 141, 404- 417.
  • A. G. Karydas, V. Kantarelou, M. Kaparou. 2018. Analysis by portable X- ray Fluorescence of the central bead, appendix in The Gold Neckless from the grave of the Griffin Warrior at Pylos, J. L. Davis and S. R. Stocker, Hesperia: The Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 87, 611-632.
  • D. Möncke, D. Palles, N. Zacharias, M. Kaparou, E. I. Kamitsos, L.Wondraczek. 2013. Formation of an Outer Borosilicate Glass Layer on Blue Late Bronze Age Mycenaean Vitreous Relief Fragments. European Journal of Glass Science and Technology, 52- 59.
  • N. Zacharias, Kaparou, M., Kasztovszky, Sz., Maroti, B., Beltsios, K., Murphy, J., Kantarelou, V., Karydas, A.G., 2013. An Alteration and Provenance Study of Mycenaean Glass Objects Using Neutron Beam and X-Ray Methods, Archeometriai Muhely, 2013/X./2, pp. 127-140.


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