The Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics participated at the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair with exhibits from the KM3NeT experiment.

The Cadet Researchers’ Week for 2019 has been successfully completed!
30 September 2019
7th International Workshop on Compound-Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics
25 October 2019

More than 500 visitors among which University students, academics and tech experts were introduced by our team to the KM3NeT physics objectives and technology. Our researchers discussed with the public, answered questions on the physics and presented the technical innovations of the KM3NeT experiment.

More than 200 visitors tried the Virtual Reality experience, diving to the abyssal depth of the Mediterranean sea and observing sea life as well as detection elements of the experiment.

The first participation of KM3NeT to the Thessaloniki International Fair was a fantastic experience for all of us. Both experts and the general public showed great interest in both the scientific goals and the technology of the experiment.

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