The “ATLAS Outstanding Achievements Award for 2022” was awarded to Olga Zormpa, PhD candidate at INPP/Demokritos

Tuesday 28th June, 17:00 (4pm CET), Seminar: Dr. Max Zoller, “Two-loop tensor integral coefficients in OpenLoops”
27 June 2022
Tuesday 5th July 2022, 16:00, Colloquium: Andrea Lausi, “SESAME, a regional research opportunity”
1 July 2022

he international collaboration ATLAS at CERN, in a specially organized ceremony during the ATLAS week on 23rd of June 2022, awarded the ATLAS Outstanding Achievements Award for 2022 to PhD candidate Olga Zormpa. Olga is working for her PhD thesis with the INPP/Demokritos ATLAS group in the frame of the Muon detector upgrade New Small Wheel (NSW), the largest upgrade project within the LHC experiments. Olga has played a leading role in installation, integration and commissioning of the trigger system for one of the two detector technologies used, the small strip Thin Gap Chambers (sTGC), in both the surface operations as well as during the ATLAS integration. NSW was installed in time and according to the specifications despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Congratulations to Olga for this fantastic achievement!