Georgios Fanourakis

Researcher Emeritus

Dr Georgios Fanourakis is currently retired Director of Research at the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (INPP) of the National Center for Science Research “Demokritos”, Agia Paraskevi (Athens area), Greece.

PhD (1980) on low energy antineutrino interactions with protons (a Brookhaven Bubble chamber experiment) – University-of-Athens/NCSR-Demokritos / Univ-of-Wisconsin-Madison.


Research in experimental Particle Physics since 1975, participating in experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA), Fermi National Laboratory (USA) and CERN (Europe). He has had significant contributions to the design, construction and operation as well as in data analysis of several experiments and research projects such as: E613 (1978-1983) – neutrinos from charmed meson production, E706 (1983-1993) – direct photon production, D0 (1987-1993) – Fermilab general purpose Collider experiment, NESTOR (2003-2006) – deep sea neutrino telescope tests, DELPHI (1996-2002) – LEP general  purpose experiment, CMS (1997-2001) – LHC general purpose experiment, ROSE (1997-2003) – radiation hard silicon detectors, CAST (2001-2015) – search for solar axions, Micromegas detector development (2001-present) for X-ray detection, particle detection and low background physics. Leading and/or contributing to novel Micromegas detector designs and tests (2001-present). Involved in the Electric Dipole Moment of the proton in a storage ring (srEDM) proposal and especially in the design of a Micromegas polarimeter (since 2008). He is a member of the ATLAS LHC general purpose experiment (2017-present). He is currently the Greek group scientific responsible for the ESSnuSB project, involving the design of a high intensity neutrino beam at ESS and a detector setup to measure the CP violation in the leptonic sector (2018- present).

Academic posts – Teaching:

Specialist in Physics (1978-1980) and Research Associate (1980-1983), at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. Research Associate (1983-1985) and Senior Research Associate (1985-1993) at the University of Rochester, USA. Visiting Associate Professor (1993-1996), at the University of Crete, Greece. Principal Researcher (1996-2003), at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the National Center for Science Research ‘Demokritos’ in Greece (INPP). Director of Research (2003-present), at INPP.

He has taught several University courses (University of Crete, 1993-1996, Hellenic Open University, 2001-2017) and post graduate courses (National Technical University of Athens – Demokritos graduate program, 1997- present) and has delivered numerous lectures to younger students and to the public.

Distinctions etc:

Vice director of INPP (2011-2016). Chairman and/or member of the Scientific Council of INPP (2003-2018). Director of the Education Office of NCSR Demokritos (2013-2018). Chair of the Greek Society for High Energy physics (2009–2010). He has co-authored more than 400 papers in refereed scientific journals and many more in conference proceedings. He is referee in various scientific journals and proposals. He has organized, co-organized or has been a member of the scientific committees of more than 30 scientific and/or educational and outreach International conferences and workshops since 2000.


Phone: +30 210 650 3525

Email: gfan AT inp DOT demokritos DOT gr