Cadet Researchers 2020 completed

Colloquium: Prof. Ignatios Antoniadis, “Challenges of an accelerating Universe in supersymmetric theories”
14 September 2020
Seminar: P.Dimitriou, “Nuclear Reactions in Nuclear Astrophysics and Nuclear Data”
26 October 2020

The educational activity of Cadet researchers was successfully completed this year despite the adverse conditions.

We want to thank the students for their participation and their interest in Nuclear Physics.

We would also like to thank the speakers:
-Professor Trakas who spoke about the elementary particles and the Higgs particle,
-Dr. Daskalakis who referred to the hadronic accelerator (LHC) and the experiments of CERN,
-Dr. Lagogiannis for his presentation on nuclear physics and its applications,
-Dr. Markou for the astronomy of neutrinos and
-Dr. Karydas for the presentation on the applications of X-rays in ancient Greek findings

We hope next year’s Cadet Researchers to be conducted in person.

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