Volkswagen Faundation Bonn University
Institute of Nuclear Physics

Gauge Fields

May 26th - 30th , 2003

The meeting will take place at the Yerevan Physics Institute and Artsakh University


The meeting is organized by:
Bonn University, NCSR Demokritos, Yerevan Physics Institute,
Artsakh University

Program (with links to talks and photos)

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together physicist working in quantum theory of gauge fields and superstrings from regional and European countries in order to discuss the most recent development in the field. This includes Dualities, Conformal Field Theories, Matrix Theories, Noncommutative Theories and Physics of Systems in Low Dimensions. The format of the meeting will contain pedagogical lectures for young researchers and students, and a workshop section with seminars given by participating researchers.

International Organizing
Local Organizing Committee:
Speakers include:

R. Flume (Bonn)
G. Savvidis (Athens)

H. Asatryan (Yerevan)
K. Aramyan (Stepanakert)
H.Minassyan (Yerevan)
H. Grigoryan (Stepanakert)
R. Poghossian (Yerevan)
A.Belavin (Chernogolovka)
M. Karowski (Berlin)
G. Semenoff (Vancouver)
T.Jonsson (Reykjavik)
G.Von Gehlen (Bonn)
R.Schrader (Berlin)

F.Fucito (Rome)
G.Zoupanos (Athens)
R.Manvelyan (Yerevan)
G.Lavrelashvili (Tbilisi)
G.Jorjadze (Tbilisi)

Prof.Georgios Savvidis E-mail:

Sponsored by: Volkswagen Foundation
Bonn University
NCSR Demokritos
Yerevan Physics Institute
Artsakh University

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