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Alexanyan, Albert FIAN /Artsakh University The processes of resonance transmission of energy in mechanisms of nonradiative energy relaxation in quantum dots  
Ananikyan Nerses Yerevan Physics Institute Multi-Plaquette Representation of Gauge Models
Aramyan Karen Artsakh University Kinetic effects in films with roughness of surfaces
Ardalan Farhad Inst. for Studies in Theor. Phys. and Math., Tehran, Iran Gravity on Noncommutative D-branes
Asatryan Hrachia Yerevan Physics Institute Supersymmetric Theories of Particles
Avanesyan Lilia Artsakh University PhD student  
Avanesyan Eleanora Artsakh University PhD student  
Babayan Irina Artsakh University PhD student  
Babujian Hrachia Berlin University/Yerevan Physics Institute Towards the construction of Wightman functions of integrable quantum field theories
Belavin Alexander Landau Institute/Chernogolovka On correlation functions in the perturbed M(2/7) minimal model
Chkareouli Jon Physics Institute,Tbilisi, Georgia On the origin of symmetries
Eliashvili Merab Razmadze Mathematical Institute,Tbilosi, Georgia
Fazio Rafaelle Milano/INP, Demokritos, Athens Perturbative two-loop gonihedric strings
Floratos Emmanuel INP, Demokritos, Athens Scaling violations in Yang-Mills Theories and Strings in AdS(5)
Flume Rainald Bonn University Instanton calculations versus matrix model calculations
Fucito Francesco I.N.F.N. University of Rome 2 Classical gauge instantons from open strings
Hakobyan T. Yerevan Physics Institute The gapless spectrum of half-integer spin chains with long range interaction  
Jonsson Thordur University of Iceland Solitons in noncommutative space
Jorjadze George Razmadze Mathematical Institute,Tbilosi, Georgia Zero mode problem of Liouville field theory
Karakhanyan David Yerevan Physics Institute Integrable models related to the high energy limit of QCD
Karowski Michael Freie Universität Berlin The Bootstrap Program for Integrable QFT in 1+1 Dim.: S-Matrix + Form Factors
Kirschner Roland Leipzig University

Kehagias Alexander NTUA, Athens Penrose limits of orbifolds and orientifolds
Lavrelashvili George Razmadze Mathematical Institute,Tbilosi, Georgia Gauge matter in gravity
Lechtenfeld Olaf Hannover University Solving string field equations:new uses for old tools
Machkalyan Hrachia Artsakh University PhD student  
Manvelyan Ruben Yerevan Physics Institute Trace and R-symmetry anomalies in d=6 via AdS/CFT correspondence and (2,0) tensor multiplet theory
Melikyan Armen State Engineering University, Yerevan Confined Phonons in Ultrathin Films: Interpretation of Recent Experimental Results.
Minassyan Haik State Engineering University, Yerevan Properties of Nanoparticles
Minasyan Mels YrSU/Artsakh University Operating microoscillations for the j-resonance detectors  
Movsesyan Hamlet MISS/ Artsakh University Investigations of semiconductors optical spectra by differential methods  
Nichols Alexander Oxford University/INP, Demokritos, Athens Chiral symmetries in extended minimal models
Petrosyan Henrikh State Engineering University, Gyumri Branch/ Artsakh University Interband optical transitions in the quantized spherical layers  
Poghossian Ruben Yerevan Physics Institute Equivariant calculus and instantons
Rouhani Shahin Inst. for Studies in Theor. Phys. and Math., Tehran, Iran
Davit Yerevan Physics Institute
Sarkisyan Hayk State Engineering University of Armenia
Savvidi Natalia Workshop secretary
Savvidy George INP, Demokritos Tensionless Superstrings and AdS correspondence
Schrader Robert Freie Universitaet Berlin Quantum graphs
Semenoff Gordon Vancouver Gauge theory dual of pp-wave strings
Zoupanos George NTUA, Athens Finite Unified Theories
Von Gehlen Gunter Bonn University 3-D integrable spin models satisfying the modified tetrahedron equations

Last Updated: April 29 2003