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Bergfinnur Durhuus, "String bit models of 2D quantum gravity"

Charlotte Kristjansen, "A New Double-Scaling Limit of N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory and PP-Wave Strings"

Klaus Fredenhagen, "Quantum fields on noncommutative spacetimes: unitarity, renormalizability, and the infrared problem"

Philippe Di Francesco, "Geometrically constrained statistical models on fixed and random lattices: from hard squares to meanders"

George Savvidy, "Conformal invariant superstring with extrinsic curvature action in 6-dimensions"

Des Johnston, "Ising Retread(s)"

Renate Loll, "Spacetime from nothing"

Thordur Jonsson, "Nonexistence of multisolitons on the Moyal plane"

John Wheater, "Progress in Yang-Mills Matrix Models?"

Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos, "Dynamical Generation of Space-Time Dimensions in String Theory Using a Computer: Status and Future Prospects"

Noboru Kawamoto, "Twisted superspace and Dirac-Kaehler fermion from generalized gauge theory"

Peter Austing, "Solitons on the fuzzy sphere"

Alexander Nichols, "Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory"

Gernot Akemann, "New results on random matrix models with complex eigenvalues"

Zdzislaw Burda, "Wealth Condensation in Pareto Macro-Economies"

Domenec Espriu, "Slow dynamics in the 3d gonihedric model"

Mauro Carfora, "Regge Random Geometries, moduli spaces and holography"

Matt Visser, "The quantum physics of chronology protection"

Matt Visser, "Wormholes and nontrivial topology"

Jorge Pullin, "Consistent lattice formulation of Lorentzian general relativity"

Luisa Doplicher, "IR/UV connection and phenomenology in canonical noncommutative spacetime"