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Pylos is located in the SW of  Peloponnessos in the prefecture of Messinia, 280 km from Athens. 

Pylos can be reached:

  • By plane to Athens and then : 

  • by plane to Kalamata ( about 30 minutes flight ) and then by car to Pylos (42 km - 45 minutes drive).

  • by car  through Korinthos - Tripolis - Kalamata (about 4 hours drive mostly on freeway )

  •  by bus to Pylos 

Detailed information concerning bus transportation from Athens to Pylos and Kalamata airport to Pylos will be provided later.

Travel Arrangements

  1.  Travel to Greece

    One of the major travel agencies in Greece "Amphitrion" will be the workshop's official travel agency. They have offered to try and put inexpensive flight packages together for those of you who are interested. Clearly the more participants that travel together the lower the price. To get in touch with Amphitrion address yourself to ( ) referring to RICH2002, attention of Mr. Theodosiou. They will be also happy to assist you with whatever tours or other travel plans you may have.

    Except for visitors from countries of the European Union, a valid passport is required for entry into Greece (an EU Shengen country). Please check with the closest Greek consulate whether a visa is required, in order to enter into Greece. US citizens do not need a visa.
  2. Transportation to/from Pylos     
    1. Through Athens airport " El. Venizelos"
      On the arrival day, June 4, we will charter two coaches from Athens airport to Pylos (around four and a half hour ride). On the departure day, Monday  June 10, we will do the converse from Pylos to Athens. In order to optimise the coach schedule we need to know your expected arrival time in Athens airport. If there is substantial interest we can make arrangements so that the coaches stop in ancient Corinth (Korinthos) and/or Mycenae and/or Mystra and/or Olympia. (The Olympia detour is a long one). The cost for the coach ride will be around 10.000 drachmas (30 ) each way.
    2. Through Kalamata International airport
                Transportation will be provided (at cost) to/from Kalamata International Airport with a chartered coach





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