Participants wishing to submit a contributed paper should send a title and a short abstract directly to the session organizers before 15 March 2002. More details in Bulletin 2
Submission can be made by airmail, e-mail (as an attachment of MSWord or TEX file) or fax. For abstracts submitted by fax, an original copy should be sent by mail, to be included in the book of abstracts.
Contributors will be notified upon the selection of papers for oral or poster presentation before the 10th of April.


Participation at the workshop is open to all scientific workers interested in the field of the Workshop. 
Participants should fill in the form at the end of this page and return it to the organizers by e-mail, fax or mail before April 15, 2002. 

The registration fee may be paid by personal cheque, Eurocheque, money transfer or VISA credit card. Cheques should be issued to the NESTOR institute. 
Money transfer should be issued to: Agricultural Bank of Greece, Pylos branch (0875), account number 347-01-800036-61, on behalf of the NESTOR Institute.
Cheques or money transfer should be sent by air-mail. 

The Registration Form can be downloaded by clicking the icons bellow.

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  The Accommodation Reservation Form can be downloaded by clicking the icons below.

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Please fill up the forms and you can send it by:

e-mail :
 0030 723 023300
NESTOR Institute
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Workshop on RICH Detectors
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