Social Program


June 5 
Afternoon: visit to Nestor's palace and the museum. Wine tasting at a local winery. 
June 6 
Afternoon: visit to Sphacteria island. Bring your swimsuit along and/or hiking boots.
June 7 
Excursion to Ancient Messina. Wine tasting in a Kalamata winery. Dinner in Ancient Ithomi in front of the Klepshydra fountain. 
June 8 
Lunch on the beach 
Afternoon: visit to the castle of Methoni (the biggest Venetian castle outside Venice). 
Evening: Conference banquet
June 9 
Afternoon: visit to the island of Sapienza. Bring your swimsuit along and/or hiking boots to walk in the oldest (15.000 years) forest on the Mediterranean shores.
June 10 

Swimming and snorkeling daily in Pylos in front of your hotel. Hiking, and more wine tasting excursions can be organized. Scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing with dinghies or a blue water yacht will be arranged (at cost) for those interested.

Accompanying Persons

We will organize a full programme after we know how many accompanying persons will come to the workshop and poll them for their interests. 



Workshop Secretariat 

Workshop on RICH Detectors
NESTOR Institute
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