Workshop  Program
Last update: June 2, 2002




Session 1

Homage to Tom Ypsilantis

Session Organizer: Resvanis Leonidas

Wednesday, 5th June 2002, 9:00


Steiner Herbert
Seguinot Jacques
Ekelof Tord
Nappi Eugenio
Siegbahn Kai


Session 2

RICH detectors with vacuum based photo-detectors

Session Organizer: Seguinot Jacques

Wednesday, 5th June 2002, 17:00



Invited paper: RICH detectors with vacuum based photo-detectors: Overview

Krizan Peter
1.  The HERMES dual-radiator RICH detector Jackson Harold
2.  HERA-B RICH Korpar Samo
3.  Development of the RICH detectors in LHCb Easo Sajan
4.  Multianode Photo Multipliers as Photo Detectors for Ring Imaging   Cherenkov Detectors Muheim Franz
5.  Design of BTeV RICH and its expected performance Blusk Steven
6.   Two RICH detectors as Velocity Spectrometer in the CKM Experiment Jurgen Engelfried
7.  The performance of the BaBar DIRC Schwiening Jochen

Session 3

RICH detectors with proportional chamber based photo-detectors

Session Organizer: Nappi Eugenio

Thursday, 6th June 2002, 9:00



Invited paper: Ring Imaging Cherenkov Systems based on gaseous photo-detectors: trends and limitations

Piuz Francois
1.  Construction and operational experience with the LiF-TEA CLEO-III RICH detector  Stone Sheldon
2.  A CsI based RICH for the identification of high momentum particles in ALICE

De Cataldo Giacinto

3.  Influence of the substrate reflectance and surface-bulk treatments on CsI quantum efficiency Singh Bhartendu Kumar

Bressan Andrea

5.  The fast CsI based RICH of HADES Gernhauser Roman

Kunde J. Gerd

7.  A proximity focusing RICH detector for Kaon Physics in Hall A at Jefferson Lab

Garibaldi Franco

Session 4

Particle identification detectors of other types than RICH

Session Organizer: Weilhammer Peter 

Thursday, 6th June 2002, 17:00



Invited paper: Particle ID detectors of other Types than RICH: Overview

Sumiyoshi Takayuki
1.   The time-of-flight detector for the ALICE experiment Hatzifotiadou Despina
2.   TRD Performance (ALICE) Mahmoud Tariq
3.   Non RICH PID in STAR: overview (TPC,EMC,mrpcTOF) Kunde J.Gerd
4.   TRT Endcap ATLAS experiment Maleev Victor
5.   R&D Status of the Time-Of-Propagation Counter Ohshima Takayoshi
6.   Simulation of particle identification process Grichine Vladimir
7.  RICH LIKE Detectors with radiators consisting  of Stack  of Plates ( Ring Transition Radiation Detectors ) Ispiryan Karo

Session 5

Neutrino and astroparticle RICH detectors

Session Organizer: Lorenz Eckart

Friday, 7th June 2002, 9:00



Invited paper: Neutrino and astroparticle RICH detectors

Hallgren Allan
1.   Status of the ANTARES Underwater Neutrino Telescope Hallewell Gregory
2.   The lake Baikal Neutrino Experiment: present status and future prospects Lubsandorzhiev Bayarto
3.   NESTOR Tzamarias S. 
4.   AMANDA Hallgren Allan
5.   EUSO: a Mission from the International Space Station Pallavicini Marco
6.   The RICH counter of the AMS experiment Buénerd Michel
7.    Limitations in the use of RICH counters to detect tau-neutrino appearance Hansen Christian

Poster session:

Measurements of group velocity in the Baikal water, Lubsandorzhiev Bayarto

Visit to Ancient Messina (Ithomi)

Friday, 7th June 2002, Afternoon and Evening 

Session 6

Development of novel RICH photo-detectors

Session Organizer: Breskin Amos

Saturday, 8th June 2002, 9:00



Invited paper: Novel Photon Detectors for RICH Applications

Va' vra Jaroslav
1.   Development of BTEV HPD and its front-end electronics  Mountain Ray
2.   Beyond the RICH: innovative photosensitive gaseous detectors for new fields of applications Peskov Vladimir
3.   Progress in GEM-based gaseous photomultipliers Chechik Rachel
4.    A hadron-blind-detector for PHENIX Kozlov Alexandre
5.   Technology of photocathode production Braem Andre
6.   Latest development in Hamamatsu photodetectors Klaus Peter Aicher

Session 7

RICH radiators and optics

Session Organizer: Dalla Torre Silvia

Saturday, 8th June 2002, 17:00



Invited paper: Imaging Rings in Ring Imaging Cherenkov Counters

Ratcliff Blair
1.   The HERMES RICH aerogel radiator  Miyachi Yoshiyuki
2.    Aerogel as Cerenkov radiator for RICH detectors  Musy Marco
3.   Tests of a proximity focusing RICH with aerogel as radiator  Iijima Toru
4.    The choice of gas in HEP detectors  Bosteels Michel
5.   The mirror system of COMPASS RICH-1  Costa Sergio
6.   A New Carbon based VUV Mirror of High Radiation Length for the HADES RICH Winkler Sonja
7.   Characteristics of aerogel prodused in Novosibirsk Danilyuk Alexander

Session 8

RICH operational system aspects

Session Organizer: Garibaldi Franco

Sunday, 9th June 2002, 9:00



Invited paper: to be announced 

to be announced 

1.   The COMPASS RICH-1 Read-Out system

Crespo Maria Liz

2.   A post-evaporation quantum efficiency measurement system for large are CsI photocathodes for the Hall A RICH detector Cusanno Francesco
3.   The Jefferson Lab Hall A RICH detector: commissioning operational experience Iodice Mauro
4.   Photon detection Efficiency in the CsI based HADES RICH Fabbietti Laura
5.   Operation of the DIRC at the High Luminosity PEP-II Collider  Schwiening Jochen
6.   Performance of the HADES Ring Image Processing Hardware Lehnert Jorg
7.   The Radiator gas and the gas system of COMPASS RICH-1  Fauland Peter
8.    A Highly Selective Dilepton-Trigger System Based on Ring Recognition  Toia Alberica

Session 9

RICH pattern recognition and performance for physics

Session Organizer: Stone Sheldon

Sunday, 9th June 2002, 17:00



Invited paper: Physics with RICH detectors

Forty Roger
1.   SELEX RICH Performance and Physics Results Jurgen Engelfried
2.    Particle identification with HERA-B RICH Staric Marco
3.   Pattern recognition and physics performance with the CLEO-III RICH detector Skwarnicki Tomasz
4.   Hadron identification with the HERMES RICH Hommez Brecht
5.   Methods of Cherenkov pattern recognition in high multiplicity environments Bari Di Domenico
6.   Single Lepton Identification and Close Pair Recognition in the HADES RICH Eberl Thomas
7.   Cerenkov angle and charge reconstruction with the RICH detector for the AMS experiment Barao Fernando

Poster session     

RICHONE: a software package for the reduction of compass RICH-I data, Paolo Schiavon et al.


Invited talks: 40 min + 5 min discussion

Contributed talks: 20 min + 5 min discussion


Morning sessions:  20 minutes coffee breaks around 11:00 

Evening  sessions : 20 minutes coffee breaks around 19:30