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This workshop is dedicated to the memory of Tom Ypsilantis


November 2001

Dear colleagues 

This first Bulletin provides some detailed information concerning the 4th International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors, RICH2002.

There will be a 2nd Bulletin with more details before the end of January 2002.

The workshop is organized by the NESTOR Institute.











1. Historic Bakcground

The 4th workshop on RICH detectors will be held in Pylos, Greece. 

Pylos and the surrounding area have played an important role in Greek history for four milliennia. Starting from the days of the wise king Nestor (15th century B.C.) to the massacre of the Spartan army on Sphacteria island during the Peloponnesian war (5th century B.C.) to the Frankish conquest of Morea (Peloponnesos) by the fourth crusade (12th century A.D. ) to the naval battle of Navarino (1827). The oldest Greek script (the linear B) was understood in the fifties by deciphering clay tablets found in Nestor's Palace. Homer in the Odyssey (rhapsody B) describes the wide sandy beaches of Pylos and the excellent red wine of the area. For those interested in the history of Messenia we recommend to get the tourist guide published by Pausanias in the 2nd century A.D. Those who cannot carry around the weight of the original edition will find it handier to get the pocket edition by Penguin Classics.




















2. Scientific Committees

International Advisory Committee

T. Ekelof ( Uppsala Univ.), [ Chairman ]

J. Seguinot (College de France), [ Co-Chairman ]

A. Breskin (Weizmann), 

G. Charpak ( CERN), 

R. Chechik (Weizmann), 

R. Forty (CERN), 

E. Lorenz (MPI, Munich), 

E. Nappi (Bari INFN), 

V. Peskov (Stockholm Univ.), 

F. Piuz (CERN), 

B. Ratcliff (SLAC), 

F. Sauli (CERN), 

H. W. Siebert (Heidelberg Univ.), 

S. Stone (Syracuse Univ.), 

T. Sumiyoshi (KEK),

J. Va'vra (SLAC)

Local Organizing Committee

L.K. Resvanis (NESTOR Inst. & Athens Univ.), [ Chairman ]

E.G. Anassontzis (Athens Univ.), 

P. Kostarakis (Ioannina Univ.), 

S.E. Tzamarias (Hellenic Open Univ.)













3. Invited Reviews 

To be announced in the second Bulletin





















4. Scientific Topics

The program will consist of plenary topical sessions with invited and contributed talks. The topics of the sessions are:

Experiments using RICH detectors with vacuum based photo-detectors

Experiments using RICH detectors with proportional-chamber based photo-detectors

Experiments using hadron identification detectors of other types than RICH

Neutrino and astroparticle RICH detectors

Development of novel RICH photo-detectors

RICH radiators and optics

RICH operational system aspects

RICH pattern recognition and hadron identification performance for physics


















5. General Information

Tuesday June 4 is the arrival day and Monday June 10, the departure day. 
The workshop will start in the evening of Tuesday June 4, 2002 with the registration and a reception. 
The sessions, plenary only, will be held from 9:00 Wednesday June 5 to the morning of Monday June 10, 2002 at the conference "dungeon" of Niokastro (twelfth century castle) next to the NESTOR Institute. 

Posters will be on view throughout the workshop. Their highlights will be reviewed in the closing session. 

The sessions will be held daily from 9:00 to 12:00, and from 18:00 to 21:00. The long break will be devoted to lunch, swimming, and visits to interesting sites. 

There will be a first half-day session dedicated to the memory of Tom Ypsilantis, 8 half-day topical scientific sessions and one half-day excursion. The topical sessions will have invited talks and talks selected from contributed papers. Participants wishing to submit a contributed paper should send a title and a short abstract to the organizers together with the registration form before 15 March 2002.
















6. Transparencies and Proceedings. 

Copies of the transparencies of all talks will be available on the workshop website. The talks will also be published in the workshop proceedings, which will appear as a separate volume of NIM A. A copy of the proceedings is included in the registration fee for every participant. Publications of papers in the proceedings are subject to refereeing by the session conveners.




















7. Invitation and Registration

Participation at the workshop is open to all scientific workers interested in the field of the Workshop. Those interested in receiving the second bulletin of the Workshop should fill in the form at the end of this bulletin and return it to the organizers by web, e-mail, fax, and mail.
Pre-registration will be done online on the workshop website (preferred), or in exceptional cases, by fax or mail using a form which will be available on the workshop website. 




















8. Travel Arrangements

  1.  Travel to Greece

    One of the major travel agencies in Greece "Amphitrion" will be the workshop's official travel agency. They have offered to try and put inexpensive flight packages together for those of you who are interested. Clearly the more participants that travel together the lower the price. To get in touch with Amphitrion address yourself to ( ) referring to RICH2002, attention of Mr. Theodosiou. They will be also happy to assist you with whatever tours or other travel plans you may have.

    Except for visitors from countries of the European Union, a valid passport is required for entry into Greece (an EU Shengen country). Please check with the closest Greek consulate whether a visa is required, in order to enter into Greece. US citizens do not need a visa.
  2. Transportation to/from Pylos     
    1. Through Athens airport " El. Venizelos"
      On the arrival day, June 4, we will charter two coaches from Athens airport to Pylos (around four and a half hour ride). On the departure day, Monday  June 10, we will do the converse from Pylos to Athens. In order to optimise the coach schedule we need to know your expected arrival time in Athens airport. If there is substantial interest we can make arrangements so that the coaches stop in ancient Corinth (Korinthos) and/or Mycenae and/or Mystra and/or Olympia. (The Olympia detour is a long one). The cost for the coach ride will be around 10.000 drachmas (30 ) each way.
    2. Through Kalamata International airport
                Transportation will be provided (at cost) to/from Kalamata International Airport with a chartered coach












9. Accommodation

Hotel accommodations, all meals and tour arrangements will be handled by the organizers. The workshop participants will be staying in air-conditioned rooms (with bathrooms en suite), TV, telephone, in hotels on or a hundred meters from the waterfront. Most rooms will have a view of the bay of Navarino. Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 





















10. Social Program


June 5 
Afternoon: visit to Nestor's palace and the museum. Wine tasting at a local winery. 
June 6 
Afternoon: visit to Sphacteria island. Bring your swimsuit along and/or hiking boots.
June 7 
Excursion to Ancient Messina. Wine tasting in a Kalamata winery. Dinner in Ancient Ithomi in front of the Klepshydra fountain. 
June 8 
Lunch on the beach 
Afternoon: visit to the castle of Methoni (the biggest Venetian castle outside Venice). 
Evening: Conference banquet
June 9 
Afternoon: visit to the island of Sapienza. Bring your swimsuit along and/or hiking boots to walk in the oldest (15.000 years) forest on the Mediterranean shores.
June 10 

Swimming and snorkeling daily in Pylos in front of your hotel. Hiking, and more wine tasting excursions can be organized. Scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing with dinghies or a blue water yacht will be arranged (at cost) for those interested.

Accompanying Persons

We will organize a full programme after we know how many accompanying persons will come to the workshop and poll them for their interests. 













11. Financial Support

Some financial support will be available.
Eligible for financial support are young (mainly) scientists from the former Eastern countries and from developing countries.
Instructions for applying will be given in the second Bulletin.



















12. Weather

Pylos is located at SW Greece. The weather is fair this season (it may be hot during the day)


  Mean daily temperature Maximum daily temperature Minimum daily temperature
May June  May  June  May  June
1997  19.1      23.3 22.3 26.6 14.4 18.4
1998  18.9     23.0  21.4 25.9 14.6 18.6
1999  20.5      23.8 23.7 26.8 15.9 19.6
2000  22.5    24.0 25.3  27.1  18.5 18.7
2001  20.0     20.3 23.4  23.2 15.3 15.7














13. Further Information.

The workshop website   will be updated as information becomes available. 
Further questions and special requests can be addressed to the workshop secretariat:


RICH2002 Secretariat
Anagnostara 111
Pylos 240 01
Phone: +30 723 023300
Fax : +30 723 023300




















14. Pre-Registration Form

The Pre-Registration Form can be downloaded by clicking the icons bellow.

Click to download the form in PDF format
Click to download the form in DOC format

Please fill up the form and you can send it by:

e-mail :
 0030 723 023300
NESTOR Institute
Anagnostara 111
240 01 PYLOS