Processing of the data of  Ring Transition Radiation Detectors (RTRD)

K.A. Ispirian 1, M.K. Ispiryan * and V.G. Khachatryan

Yerevan Physics Institute,, Brothers Alikhanian 2, 375036, Yerevan, Armenia; 

* University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA


     While the Cherenkov radiation rings in RICH detectors allow to measure the particle velocity, in recently proposed RTRD it is necessary to obtain the angular distribution of the transition radiation (TR) photons produced in a stack of plates in order to determine the Lorentz factor of single relativistic heavy ions (RHI). Some possible methods of processing of RTRD data which can provide the highest resolution are discussed.

1 Corresponding author. E-rnail: (K.A. Ispirian)