Operation of the DIRC at the High Luminosity PEP-II Collider

 Jochen Schwiening

    The BaBar DIRC has been in routine operation at the PEP-II asymmetric B-Factory at SLAC for nearly 3 years. It is operationally very stable and robust. However, there are a number of unusual issues associated with the DIRC and its operation at the high luminosities of the B factory that will be highlighted in this talk. 

    These include (1) the stability of PMT windows immersed in ultra-pure water; (2) backgrounds from soft photons that interact in the water tank; (3) maintainance of the pure water system; (4) the long term stability of photon detection efficiencies; and (5) issues that might be expected to arise as the machine luminosity increases to 10x design .