The results of testing of TRT Endcap module for ATLAS experiment.

O.L.Fedin, V.V.Ivanov, S.V.Katounine, S.N.Kovalenko, V.P.Maleev, S.B.Oleshko, A.V.Nadtochi, V.A.Schegelsky
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, 188350, Gatchina, Russia

     The Transition Radiation Tracker, main part of the Inner Detector of ATLAS experiment at LHC, combines the tracker performance with transition-radiation detection for electron identification. The principal element of the TRT Endcap is a module consisting from two 4-plane wheels each having 3072 straws. The report presents results of 4-plane wheel tests including gas gain uniformity along the whole number of straws and some other performed at PNPI together with TRT collaboration as well as Data Base for wheel description