A CsI based RICH for the identification of high momentum particles in ALICE

Y. Andres a, A. Braem a, D. Cozza b, M. Davenport a, G. De Cataldo b,1, D. Di Bari b, A. Di Mauro a, D. Fraissard a, A. Franco b, U. Fratino b, F. Guber c, A. Kourepin c, P. Martinengo a, E. Nappi b, G. Paic a, F. Piuz a, F. Posa b, V. Razin c, A. Reshetin c, J.C. Santiard a, E- Schyns a, J. Seixas b , J. Van Beelen a

a CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland 

b INFN and Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica dell "Universita" di Bari, Bari, Italy 

c INR, Moscow, Russia 


     After ten years of R&D activities, an array of seven proximity focusing RICH modules is being built to identify π-K in the range 1< p <3 GeV/c and K-p in the range 2<p<5 GeV/c in the ALICE experiment at LHC. This device, named High Momentum Particle Identification Detector (HMPID), with a total active area of 11 m2, represents the largest scale application of MWPC's with high QE CsΙ segmented photo-cathodes for the Cherenkov photon conversion.
     An overview of the RICH layout, the FE and RO electronics, the C6F14 circulation system and the control system will be presented.

1 Corresponding author : G. De Cataldo