If you wish to find a moderately priced hotel in Plaka (the old part of Athens), with ACROPOLIS view,  close to public transportation to/from the airport, we recommend the CENTRAL HOTEL
(). We have special rates there, (84,00 / single bedroom and 51,50 / double bedroom, per person per night, breakfast included), all you have to say is that you will be visiting the NESTOR Institute when you do your booking. The web site of the hotel is .

Local Accommodation

Block room reservations have been made with several hotels. Since it is too early in the season half of the hotels in Pylos will be closed, so we have made also block reservations with hotels in nearby Methoni (10km away) and Gialova (6km away). The block reservations will be held until 26.03.2007, after that you run the risk of not having hotel reservations.

In addition to the public transportation service between Methoni-Pylos-Gialova,  we will provide coach transportation at convenient times.

We ask those of you who will have cars to book hotels in Methoni or Gialova.

Prices are in euro per person per night, breakfast included. 

Galaxy Hotel 2   Achilles Hotel 3   Eleonas 3
Karalis Hotel 3   Alex Hotel 2   Thanos Village 3
Karalis Beach Hotel 3   Giota Hotel 2    
Miramare Hotel 3   Methoni's Amalia 3    
Nilefs Hotel 2   Methoni Beach Hotel 2    
    Ulysses-Odysseas Hotel 3