Dear Colleagues

as many of you already know the "XIII International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions" will be held at the "NESTOR Institute for Astroparticle Physics" in Pylos, Greece from Monday, September 6, 2004,(arrival day) to Sunday, September 12 (departure day) .

The time of the Symposium is such that it is convenient for those who plan to attend the European Cosmic Ray Symposium in Florence (which ends on Friday September 3), to drive to Ancona and take the overnight ferry boat to Patras and then drive to Pylos (2 hours).

The Olympics will end in Athens on August 29th.

You can find maps et.c. if you click our web site ( and then check "Schools / Workshops / Conferences) .

The purpose of this note is to remind you of the dates of the Symposium.

In February/March we will send you the first circular with the preliminary programme and organizational details. The maximum number of participants will be 100 due to lecture hall limitations.

Till then....have a Happy New Year and all the best to you and your families.

Leo Resvanis

For the Local Organizing Committee
(L.K. Resvanis,
E. Anassontzis,

The International Advisory Committee is composed of :
Alan A. Watson
Akinori Ohsava
Jeffry R. Wilkes
John G. Learned
Karl-Heinz Kampert
Linkai Ding
Maria Teresa Dova
Oscar Saavedra
Ralph Engel
Sergey Slavatinsky
Suresh Tonwar