Instructions for Preparing Papers for Publication

Invited lectures, highlight talks and orally presented contributed papers will be published in Nuclear Physics B, (Proc. Suppl.). Poster papers will be listed in the proceedings by titles and authors only.

The following strict rules will apply to all papers in order to be accepted for publication in the proceedings:


The papers must be written in good, legible English and comply with the standards imposed by the publisher. It is recommended that the papers be checked by colleagues that work in related fields but not necessarily on the same project.


The papers must be submitted in Latex, 2-column format with figures included in eps-format. The Latex Style File and a sample le with the instructions for the correct preparation of the papers will be sent by Elsevier, the publisher of Nuclear Physics, to all registered participants of the ISVHECRI via E-mail as attachments.

The file package is also available from our Web site for downloading onto your computer. The files concerned are:

Page Limits

The maximum number of pages per paper including figures and tables are fixed for the different categories of papers as follows:

Invited / highlight lectures, summary talks ≤ 8 pages
Contributed papers ≤ 4 pages.

Submission of papers for publication

The Latex source file and the eps figure file(s) together with the complete postscript file of the entire paper must be sent either via
E-mail ( ) as attachments or on a CD to the XIII ISVHECRI Secretariat at NESTOR Institute, GR24001, Pylos, Greece.


The deadline for submitting the papers for publication to the XIII ISVHECRI
Secretariat is October 31, 2004.


The editors reserves the right to refuse the publication of papers in the proceedings that do not meet the standards required.

The Editors