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Ikaros File System: is an HTTP distributed File System, which provides file access scalability and targets a big variety of operating systems and storage systems. IFS bypasses the server bottleneck enabling clients to access storage directly, while supporting the usage of multiple types of meta-data. It enables low-consumption, low-specification and low-cost devices to achieve a high throughput data transfer, responding to highly demanding applications.

The design goals of IKAROS were many-fold: to provide interoperability between heterogeneous data servers; to add resources without adding complexity to the infrastructure; to achieve the same efficiency both in LAN and WAN environments; to be capable to create many types of meta-data, for the same data; to provide high performance transfer rates; to allow the physical and logical views of a file to be independently configured; to permit users and applications to choose the file part distribution schema; to support third party data transfers; and most important of all, to put as minimum load requirements as possible on the low-power consumption and low-performance storage devices.

IFSĀ  is in production at INPP ZEUS computer cluster