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Markou Athanasios

Director of Research

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Research Interests

Short CV

October 20, 2010

Dr. Athanasios Markou

Current Position : Director of Research

Institution : Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP), of the

National Center for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS

Born on 19.10.45 in Edessa, Greece

Married to Physics Teacher Evangelia Christaki, two daughters 20, 19 y.

Foreign Languages : English, German, basic French

Academic Positions

1997- Director of Research

1992-1997 Principal Researcher

1987-1992 Associate Researcher

1985-1987 Researcher, NCSR DEMOKRITOS

1982-1985 Lecturer, University of Athens

1980-1982 Scientific Associate, University of Athens


Physics Diploma 1969, Aristotleles University of Thessaloniki

PhD 1979 , University of Karlsruhe, Germany, (1969-1971 oblig. Military Service).


1982-1983 CERN Fellow

1985-1987 CERN Corresponding Fellow


Alternate Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, NCSR DEMOKRITOS . 2002, 2007

Elected member of the INP Scientific Advisory Council for 4 two-year terms.

Member of the Greek CERN committee, 2000-2003 and 2008-2010.

Head of the DEMOKRITOS DELPHI Group, 1994-2009

Head of the DEMOKRITOS CMS Group, 2001-

Research Activities

Experiment F-36 at DESY, 1972-1979.

Photoproduction of Φ mesons, at energies 4.7– 6.6 GeV.

Development and construction of a large area TOF system with 0.5 ns time resolution Fwhm, use of the system to study the photoproduction of Proton-Antiproton pairs on Hydrogen.

Experiment E-537 at FNAL, 1980-1985.

Production of J/Ψ and high-mass muon pair production from antiprotons and pions

on W at 125 GeV/c

Experiments R807-808 (Axial Field Spectrometer) at the CERN ISR, 1980-1985.

Direct Photon and direct positron production

DELPHI Experiment at LEP, 1983-2009 (Significant contribution to the development and construction of the forward-RICH Detectors, Study of the decays τàρν τà3π(nγ)ν at LEP I, Study of the coupling constant universality using the decays Zoà ssbar).

RD-28 Project (Microstrip Gas Chambers development)

CMS Experiment at the LHC (Contribution to the development of the Preshower Detector, study of Zγ production, compositeness search).


Courses in General Physics at the University of Athens (1980-1984)

Postgraduate Courses at INP DEMOKRITOS

Supervision of 2 PhD theses 


Until October 2010, A. Markou has signed 439 publications