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Daskalakis Georgios


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Research Interests

Research Activities


  1. Researcher Grade C’, Institute of Nuclear Physics, NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”,GR

a)      Editor of the publication for the inclusive pp®γ*/Ζ+X and  pp®W+Χ cross section.

b)      Convener of the EWK-electron group in the CMS/LHC experiment.

c)      Guidance of a Phd student and a postdoctoral researcher.

d)      Methods for the measurement of the electron reconstruction, trigger and selection efficiencies.

e)       Data-driven optimization methods for the electron selection.


  1. Research Associate, Department of Physics, Imperial College London, UK                                                       

a)       In-situ Calibration of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter with Physics Events.

b)      Study of the MSSM A®Zh®(e+e-, m+m- ) channel.

c)      Dead Channel Energy Determination for the CMS ECAL Crystals


  1. Research Fellow, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), CH        

a)      Electron Position Reconstruction with Testbeam Data.

b)      Reconstruction Software for Electrons and Photons.

c)      In-situ Calibration of the CMS ECAL with Isolated Electrons from W± ® e±n Decays.

d)     Reconstruction of the Primary Vertex in the Hàγγ decay channel. 


  1. Postdoctoral Associate, Physics Department, University of Athens, GR                 

a)      On-line selection algorithms for electrons & photons.  Study of the CMS/ECAL High 
      Level Trigger.


  1. Postgraduate fellow, Nuclear Physics Institute, N.C.S.R. "DEMOKRITOS", GR

a)      Measurement of the Tri-linear Gauge Boson Couplings with the ALEPH/LEP

b)      Position resolution for electrons using CMS simulation software.

c)      Cross section of  e+e-àW-W+ and Triple Gauge boson Couplings measurements at
      Linear Colliders.

d)     Search of first generation leptoquarks with the ALEPH detector.