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The study of Nuclear Physics aims at understanding Nuclear Structure and the forces holding the nucleus together. To achieve this understanding it studies Nuclear Reactions and the Radioactivity they produce. In addition, since the produced radiation is characteristic of the emitting nuclei, it serves as a diagnostic tool for almost all sciences.

We mention here:

The use of Radioisotopes for medical diagnosis and therapy.
The use of radiations for the Microanalysis of Trace elements with sensitivities of the order of one in a million (i.e. one gram in a ton of material) and applications in Environmental Biology , the Characterization of New Materialsand Archeometry

The Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics is active in Theoretical and Experimental Astrophysics and Cosmology research. This research activity includes:
Studies of topological formations in field theory and Cosmology of the Primordial Universe as well as studies on subjects in Particle Cosmology (such as Cosmological Phase Transitions, Inflationary and Accelerating Universe etc)
Measurements of cross sections (i.e. probabilities) of nuclear reactions which influence the nucleosynthesis process at various stages of star formation.