Evangelia Eleftheriou

MSc Student

Evangelia Eleftheriou has graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Patras (2019) presenting a BSc thesis entitled “Correlation between Solar Radiation and Planets”. In 2018 Ms Eleftheriou worked as an intern of research within the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics – Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analysis Laboratory at NCSR “Demokritos”, with research subject the study of the MicroMEGaS muon detector for the ATLAS experiment at CERN (data acquisition system and gas circulation and mixing system). Ms Eleftheriou is currently attending the interdepartmental MSc program of the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens (entitled “Physics and Technical Applications”) and is expected to graduate in early 2021. Evangelia Eleftheriou’s MSc diploma thesis is being currently conducted at the X-Ray Fluorescence Laboratory of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics at NCSR “Demokritos” under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Karydas.