Effrossyni Androulakaki

Research Assiciate


           Postgraduate studies

  • D., in nuclear physics for environmental applications, (Physics Department, National Technical University of Athens, in collaboration with Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, 2016)
  • Sc., “Physics and Technological Applications”, (Ιnterdepartmental, National Technical University of Athens, National Centre of Scientific Research “Demokritos”, 2012)

            Undergraduate studies

  • Graduate of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences School, Physics Department, National Technical University of Athens

2. Activity and interests

Her research activity started in 2009 during her diploma thesis, which concerned the implementation of experimental and Monte Carlo techniques for the radiation protection study of personnel during nuclear maintenance processes of the research reactor GRR-1 of the Institute of Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection at the National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos”.

Since 2010, she has been an active member of the Environmental Radioactivity laboratory team of the Institute of Oceanography at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.  She has participated in field and laboratory γ-ray spectroscopy measurements in water and sediment samples as well as in x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy measurements on sediment samples and ores. During her Ph.D. studies she attended schools related to nuclear and atomic spectroscopy techniques (Program for Group Fellowship Training for atmospheric aerosol measurement and characterization by Nuclear Techniques, Joint ICTP-IAEA School on Novel Experimental Methodologies for Synchrotron Radiation Applications in Nano-science and Environmental Monitoring) and participated in experiments related to the aforementioned techniques. Her Ph.D thesis concerned the development and implementation of novel techniques for in situ radioactivity measurements in the marine environment. She has more than ten years of experience concerning Monte Carlo simulations in different applications (detector calibration, dose calculations, automated analysis) and radiation fields and the development of techniques for radioactivity measurements in the environment.

She has participated in international and national conferences, in the organization of workshops and conferences and has published 21 papers in scientific refereed journals and 1 book chapter. She has assisted in the supervision of 6 Diploma and 2 M.Sc. theses.  She is a member of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society since 2010.

As a research associate of the X-Ray Laboratory of the Institute she is involved in the setup and characterization of a portable prototype MA-XRF system for studying and visualizing paintings.

3. Indicative publications

  • A comparative study of stopping power calculations implemented in Monte Carlo codes and compilations with experimental data, 2020. Vagena E., Androulakaki E.G. et al., NIM B 467, 44-52
  • Argon ions deeply implanted in silicon studied by Rutherford/Elastic Backscattering and Grazing Incidence X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy, 2019. Kokkoris M., Androulakaki E.G., et al., NIM B 450, 144-148
  • Development and optimization of an underwater in-situ cerium bromide spectrometer for radioactivity measurements in the aquatic environment, 2019. C. Tsabaris, E.G., Androulakaki, et al., J. Environ. Radioact., 204, 12-20
  • An in-situ gamma-ray spectrometer for the deep ocean, 2018. Tsabaris C., Androulakaki E.G., Alexakis S., Patiris D.L., Appl. Radiat. Isot., 142, pp. 120–127
  • In situ γ-ray spectrometry in the marine environment using full spectrum analysis for natural radionuclides, 2016. Androulakaki E.G., et al., Radiat. Isot., 114, 76–86
  • Efficiency calibration for in situ γ-ray measurements on the seabed using Monte Carlo simulations: Application in two different marine environments, 2016. Androulakaki E.G., et al., J. Environ. Radioact., 164, 47–59
  • Uranium-bearing phosphatized limestones of NW Greece, 2014. Tzifas I. et al., J. Geochem. Explor., 143, 62-73