The DELTA BERENIKE is a self propelled special purpose vessel to be used as a stable platform for the deployment at a depth of down to 5200 m of the components of the Cubic kilometer Neutrino Telescope. This is a pioneer instrument which hopefully will greatly facilitate and reduce the deployment time and costs of deep underwater High Energy Neutrino Telescopes.

The DELTA BERENIKE is a ballasted vessel with a central well. She can keep station to 1m and operate up to wind/sea state force of 5 beaufort. The deck is 5.30m above the sea level.

She has the shape of an isosceles triangle, 51m on the sides and 44m at the base. She is equipped with three 322 BHP Caterpillar diesel motors powering three Schottel 360 degree pumpjets (SPJ57RD). The motors and pumpjets are installed in the three cylindrical ballast tanks which are attached to the triangle apexes. The three cylinders provide also the necessary buoyancy. Moreover, she is equipped with two Deutz diesel generators 140 KVA each and a third 30 KVA.

Several winches and cranes are installed on the DELTA - BERENIKE: in particular she is equipped with a 16 ton monorail crane fitted with a heave compensating mechanism with a maximum tolerance 6m operating through the central well. She is also equipped with a 60 ton*meter telescopic crane and two winches, one 15 ton and another 5 ton. The drums and pulleys have a 2m diameter.


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