Michele Barone

Position: Scientist in charge of Physics and member of the Tech.Personnel.

Office Tel:  +30 210650-3527
FAX: +30 21065011215

Research Interest:
Experimental Physics
Laurea di Dottore in Fisica- Bari University -I,1974.
Career History:
  • Tesi di Laurea :Correnti Neutre nelle interazioni deboli  nella Camera a bolle gigante Gargamelle.

  • Fellowship at CERN- Search of Charmed particles at ISR-member of C.Rubbia Group.

  • “Studioso della Materia”-Experimental Physics-University of Perugia-I

  • Senior Researcher at INFN -LNF Frascati.   -Cryogenics and S.C.Magnets..

  • Senior Researcher Associate;Physics Lab. Univ. of Athens.-Astroparticle physics-NESTOR._Mechanics + PM modules testing.

  • Full Prof.Experimental Physics  Istituto per la Ricerca di Base,Monteroduni,I.

  • Project Coordinator-Attica Technology Park-Demokritos Laboratory-Athens.

  • Member of CMS research group of  Demokritos in CMS.Trigger +DAQ and Preshower.

  • Author and Co-author of about 100 papers dealing with Particle Physics,S.C.Magnets,VacuumTechnology,Accelerator Technology,History of Physics.

  • Reviewer for IEEE,MIT, Apeiron.

  • Member of the Organizing Committee of  7 International Conferences.

  • Editor of  Proc. of 4 International Conferences.

  • Translator of Book :I Microtroni  per la Radioterapia  di Alta Precisione.,Einstein and the Ether(in greek)

  • Co-author of Book :La Natura del tempo.

  • Manager of Ind.Companies:Nucletec S.A.,Cryophysics S.A.

  • Industrial Liaison Officer  for Greece at CERN since april 2000.

  • Indusrial Liaison Officer and National Technology Transfer Officer for Greece at Cern since 2006
 Experimental Nuclear Physics
 Experimental High Energy Physics
 Theoretical Physics
 Computing and Networks
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