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The ever increasing needs of the scientific community for more computing power necessitates the use of a new computing model. The Grid comes to meet this challenge. The Institute of Nuclear Physics has been one of the pioneers of this paradigm in Greece, through the participation to the European program Crossgrid and the HellasGrid committee. The Institute administers and runs a local Grid cluster within the CMS experiment, and helps the administration of local Grid clusters in UoA and NTUA.

Computer Cluster


One major aspect of the design stage of the CMS experiment is to simulate how the detector will act before it is fully built. Physicists have developed sophisticated software to perform these simulations, which are very computation-intensive and require large amounts of storage.

In the framework of the production of simulated data, the Institute of Nuclear Physics is developing a PC-Linux computing farm with high capacity and fast response. It consists of a control machine, a fileserver (1TB disk space) and 29 working nodes (17 PentiumIV-120Gb HD, 6 PentiumIII και 6 Xeon-80Gb double processor) configured so that they form a local Grid cluster.
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